Creative Museum

The Creative Museum Project 

seeks to explore and inform the connections between our cultural organisations and their communities by capitalising on the emergence of new and democratising digital technologies.  Seeking to extend the language of engagement through the medium of accessible, customisable, and personal digital experiences.  The project sees museums as dynamic learning environments in which staff and visitors can use accessible digital tools to explore and reason about collections in new and creative ways.


  • Set-up a network of museums and cultural organisations in Europe to explore creative practice through co-creation and participatory programming
  • Tap into the Learning Museum and other trans-European and local networks
  • Build a community that takes care of itself and members
  • Bring new ideas to light and share freely through dissemination events, online and via social media
  • Provide a platform for cultral exploration and debate on issues of public interest


  • Foster an understanding of participatory practice and how it can benefit the museum and its wider communities
  • Test ideas and lead by example
  • Foster collaboration with maker communities – traditional crafts, skills and techniques, with creative industries sector and entrepreneurs
  • Use digital services for tailored experiences
  • Engage audiences in co-creation processes and encourage them to have an active rolein their visitor experience


  • Gather analysis of good practices through pilot activities and document methodologies which will be shared through a number of networks
  • Develop learning resources and share with other museum practitioners and community groups via relevant websites/social networks/collaborative platforms
  • Use and build on some of the methodologies established during the Learning Museum (LEM) project