Be a Creative Museum

Museums currently face two main challenges: to become significant agents in the local economy as (research centres, touristic destinations, etc.) and collaborate with more diverse audience emphasising their mission of serving the society with socio-cultural and educational purposes. As some older models of interaction no longer wok, museum staff need to step outside their comfort zone and seek innovative ways to collaborate with their communities.
Innovation refers to in most cases; the ability of an organisation to adapt to changes of the environment while at the same time produce itself changes that affects the environment, in a simultaneous endless loop (Peacock, 2008). The Creative Museum project is about discussing, reflecting, brainstorming and experimenting with museum professionals to open up museums and transform them into more creative, participatory and lively environments.
Based on the outcomes of the project, three main types of recommendations have emerged comprising some ingredients for building creative museums.

Connecting to communities

Museums have to build sustainable relationships with their communities. In order to do this, they first need to get to know their communities. They need to define a common ground, what they can do together and what they cannot. ...
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Spaces for yes

Complicated museum bureaucracies, with their deliberate pace of top-down decision making, are not always amenable to rapid change or experimentation. However, being public institutions, there are always spaces, physical, virtual, and organisational, where freedom of action can be found. ...
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Strategy for success

Over the years, innovation has become a topic of significant interest for museums. Museums see innovation as a strategic tool to achieve their mission in the. 21st century context where all economic actors are strongly impacted by the ...
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