The Project


To collect & analyse

The Creative Museum project is based on the reflections of several museum professionals who identified creative practices as a tool to develop public engagement in museums. The compared analysis of creative practices in Europe is aimed to provide partner organisations and museum professionals with state-of-the-art creative practices in Europe. A set of recommendation for the implementation of such practices will be produced based on the compared analysis.

To discover & learn

The learning activities in the Creative Museum project consist of peer-to-peer training programmes for museum professionals. Museum professionals will be invited to put into practice during the Making Museomix training programme the recommandations previously producted. They will explore ways to bridge the gap between participatory webculture and institutional webculture.The purpose of the programme is to encourage audiences imagine a cultural space that allows them to become engaged users.

To experiment

Beyond simply looking at objects, visitors seek diverse experiences in museums: photography, drawing, writing, learning, meeting, playing etc. Experiences they like to share. The maker in residence programme will be an opportunity to connect makers and digital talents with host museums to explore ways of cooperation, experiment making and share ideas and outputs. This programme is inspired by numerous formal and informal creative projects found across the globe as a result of globalization. It adheres to the development of new tools for creative production and the rise of the culture of Maker, a Do-it-Yourself ethos that believes it is more fun to create than to consume.

To evaluate & share

Maker culture and Do-it-Yourself approaches are based on the idea of sharing with everyone and transferring knowledge to new generations. It aligns with the traditions and mission of museums in many ways, as it is their interest to share information as freely as possible; objects have long served as inspiration for artists working in various media; education department offer art-making programmes for people of all ages. In this environment, digital tools make it possible for more people to participate and get involved.

Origin of the project

The recent global economic downturn has impacted youth and adult populations The Creative Museum Project seeks to explore and inform the connections between our cultural organisations and their communities by capitalising on the emergence of new and democratising digital technologies.  Seeking to extend the language of engagement through the medium of accessible, customisable, and personal digital experiences.  The project sees museums as dynamic learning environments in which staff and visitors can use accessible digital tools to explore and reason about collections in new and creative ways.   The Creative Museum is a three-year Strategic Partnership running from 2014-2017  funded ...
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