The Technical Museum

Printing and Art Print Making museum (Museo della Stampa e della Arte, Andrea Schiavi) / Aedo, Italy

The museum is housed within an old print works and many of the museum’s volunteers used to work at the print works and have an emotional connection to the museum. The project was collaboration between the museum and Aedo. Working together with the museum staff, Aedo rethought the way to transmit knowledge held by museum staff and volunteers, through new languages and technological tools. The project consisted of updating the museum site, and integrating modern digital technologies with technical competencies of the museum staff. Visitors of all ages, using the touch screens, can experiment with a new digital approach to objects, supported by the help of the expert guides. On this occasion, digital technologies have truly proved to be extremely versatile in generating, managing and disseminating large amounts of information, and in making them appeal to multiple kinds of public audience. This is a modern, digital museum able to meet the needs and expectations of the new generation, without forgetting the irreplaceable presence of technicians. Therefore, all operators and artists still remain the backbone of the structure.