Radiona / Zagreb Makerspace

Radiona / Zagreb Makerspace, Croatia and Hacklab 01 on 15-26 september 2016

Radiona / Zagreb Makerspace


Jari Suominen from Suomen museoliitto, (Helsinki, Finland)


During his staying in Zagreb Jari Suominen did a lecture on Finish synthesizer inventor Erkki Kurenniemi and a workshop entitled TANR synthesizer for 12 participants. He presented his synthesizer during Radiona’s presentation Hybrid Lab of Curiosities on Science Picnic Festival with more than 2000 visitors in two days. During the maker-in-residence program Suominen made an artowork which was presented at the exhibition Science Fiction in Technical Museum Zagreb during November. He had a lab for himself and all the support. What we liked is that he visited Hacklab 01 and decided to take part at international workshops for glitch art.

Objectives of the residence

To create a sound art object and present maker’s own work in a way he likes it with no pressure from the host.


  • Get more customed to 3D printing. Took part of glitch visuals workshops (total of 3 different workshops) in hacklab01 which will be turned into children ws for Käsityökoulu Robotti Art & Craft School.
  • 3D Printing and simple modeling
  • Design patterns for wood sculpture’s / furniture (connection with Mari extremely interesting)
  • How to run red lights with bicycle and not get killed in Croatia
  • Better feel how PLA-filament behaves when 3D printed
  • Glitch art fundamentals (this will most likely evolve as a WS topic for Käsityökoulu Robotti)
  • Realized that I’m totally used in having proper belt driven upright drill press (~700 kunas) and a proper laboratory power supply (~700 kunas) and Radiona was maybe first hacklab that I have visited having neither.

Jari’s Speech

“There were lots of tools and electronics and gear that many places don’t even have”.