Memory Workshop

Museums of Lappeenranta, Finland

Memory Workshop was an exploration to one’s own mind, memories and personal history using a variety of techniques from image training and museum collections. The project was initiated in response to the wealth of existing research hat states the beneficial effects of arts and culture and health. This project aimed to bring this notion to museum practice and also develop a partnership with health and social services. The museum looked at developing new methods to work with existing audiences as well as gain new audiences such as retired people and companies. The museum also wanted to try out product development together with the audience. The workshops (five evenings and one day during a two-week period) were aimed at making the participants notice the past in the present and find empowering elements in personal histories. The participants, as a result of the conversations and mental exercises, made the Memory Box on the last day of the programme. The boxes contained objects, pictures, documents and colours that depict the participants’ life history. It is a kind of visual life story. With the help of the memory box the participants can share their stories with
younger generations.