IBC Region Emilia-Romagna


IBACN works in close cooperation with the museums in the region, as well as with a number of other museums and institutions at national and international level. For many years IBACN has entertained relationships and networked with museums and museum organizations nationally and internationally. Areas of specific expertise :

  • Development in Italy and wider in Europe of innovative projects and models for the improvement of museum management and services
  • Identification of quality standards and accreditation schemes for museums and the qualification of personnel
  • Introduction of business management models (EFQM) in the cultural field
  • Project Management of several EU funded and other major European Projects, which have been recognised as best practice
  • Coordination of working groups and committees nationally and internationally
  • Monitoring and evaluation of projects
  • Research on cultural management and cultural heritage legislation in Italy and in Europe; on emerging professions in the museum field
  • Training needs analysis for the museum sector, on museum education and lifelong learning, on cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue
  • Advise to regional museums in the fields of cataloguing, documentation, preventive conservation, restoration
  • Administration of the regional museum fund and funding museums on specific projects (valorisation, education, exhibitions, etc.)
  • Development and delivery of training courses for museum professionals on preventive conservation, education, communication and use of social media, documentation and cataloguing, etc.


Contact person: Margherita SANI

Email: MaSani@regione.emilia-romagna.it

Website: ibc.regione.emilia-romagna.it