Collaboration: Exhibition and workshops series with

Technical Museum (Tehnicki Muzej) /, Croatia


Technical Museum ‘Nikola Tesla’, was established in 1954 in Zagreb and follows in the tradition of the great science and technology museums of the world. It is the most visited museum in Croatia. The museum organises educational, study, informative and occasional exhibitions, lectures and panel discussions on popular science, as well as playrooms and workshops.

The collaboration between the museum and began in 2012 when was invited by the museum to start a collaborative project by organising a part of their education programme (2013), which included a series of workshops (with international and domestic makers) and one exhibition per year. Exhibitions so far have included: SOUNDArt / BIOArt (May 2013); Sound Hybrids / Creative Sonology; (May 2014) and Gaming Playground (May
2015). International workshops organised within the museum have included: Circuit Bending by Claude Winterberg (Switzerland), Mini MyCophone by Saša Spačal & Mirjan Švagelj (Slovenia) and Alwin Weber’s Creative Circuit Bending (Germany). There has also been series of workshop for children titled “Blink! Blink!” by Deborah Hustić.