Via Marsala 1-53

MAMBo / Museum of Modern Art, Bologna (Museo d’Arte Moderna du
Bologna), Italy


MAMBo – the Museum of Modern Art Bologna is a purpose-designed centre of modern and experimental art. The via Marsala 1-53 project explored the concept of the “city”. The city of Bologna was a starting point for an investigation of its historical and contemporary features, leading to the creation of “emotional maps”, and showed the multifaceted features of the city and different personal ways people to relate with it. Efforts were focused on via Marsala, as it is a street that links Bologna’s heart with the University area. The project aimed to connect different generations of Bolognese citizens with temporary residents such as students who all live side-by-side in the city. MAMBo worked with pupils from the Alfred Panzani Middle School who were drawn from a range of diverse ethnic backgrounds. “Genus Bononiae – Musei nella Città” funded the project, as it was part of “Io amo I Beni Cultural”, an initiative dedicated to raising awareness of the value of cultural heritage. The project also involved the Museo della Storia di Bologna to develop a sense of active citizenship.