The creative museum at Museumnext

Chester Beatty Library, Dublin – Ireland on Monday 18 April 2016

Eight lightning talks, two hands-on workshops and lots of social mingling in a high-paced, interactive and fun event about creativity and maker culture in museums.


The Creative Museum at MuseumNext brings together a great mix of people who believe museums are places for creativity, invention, making and doing, and who share their experiences in bringing museums to life. Come prepared to hear stories from makers, doers, thinkers and tinkerers, to participate in short workshops and to share your own stories and experiences with your fellow participants.


We guarantee all participants a healthy dose of inspiration, at least three laughs and a few ideas that will help your institution tap into the creativity of your community, maker culture and – ultimately – your own creativity.

Speakers and facilitators include Jenny Siung (Chester Beaty Library), Ian Brunswick (Science Gallery), Cecile Marsan (Creative Museum Project), Ellen Byrne (Festival of Curiosity), Thom Conaty (, Mark Nagurski (Makematic), Jo-Anne Sunderland and Jeffrey Roe (TOG).

The event is facilitated by Jasper Visser and is part of the creative practice analysis programme within the framework of the Creative Museum project.


Co-Creation and Creative Practice – a case study in Ireland

In the Creative Museum the visitor engages with the collection, the building, and the people to make or create something.  The Creative Museum project is about opportunity: doing and making; experimenting and innovating; making connections; opening up museums; learning; concrete results and interpreting collections.
The Creative Museum conference, Bologna 2015

Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Ireland

Chester Beatty’s Creative Lab for Teens provides young people aged 12-17 years the opportunity to make and create. Participants were introduced to the Fibonacci sequence as found in the Chester Beatty Library’s Islamic, East Asian and European collections.
Jenny Siung, Justyna Chmielewska, Caitriona Buggle and Ida Mitrani discuss the importance of collaboration and co-creation with art, science and museums.



Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

Science Gallery is an award-winning international initiative pioneered by Trinity College Dublin that delivers a dynamic new model for engaging 15–25 year olds with science.
Ian Brunswick, Programme Manager,  talks about the importance of co-creation and collaboration.


Jenny Siung – Head of Education
Cheater Beatty Library