SMV / un Soir un Musée un Verre (an evening, a museum, a glass)

Various, France

Every week, a meeting is organised in the evening, tosatisfy curiosity for culture, art and history, together with a drink or adinner. The aim of the meeting is to gather amateurs and curious people in adifferent cultural place, and have a drink together. An evening, a museum, aglass and a common line of conduct: usability. The goal is to find “in real life”a community of culture, exhibitions and museums online, and extend thediscussion thanks to social networks. Every week the programme is availableonline and on social networks. Since the project is open to all, it does notsucceed its mission if a group is created in advance as this is an open eventavailable to a wide variety of people. To-date the project has about 5000followers on Facebook and Twitter and more than 200 events have beenorganised.