Museums inspiring makers

Science Gallery, Dublin – Ireland on Thursday April 16 2015

Museums are often viewed as dead spaces. Yet museums contain incredible collections and inspire creativity, learning and curiosity. What is in store for the future of museums as they face numerous challenges? Can they work creatively outside the box? Makers are one such community who can inspire and collaborate with museums; both have the potential to co-create and co-curate new programmes for diverse audiences.


Museomix in France is the first international cultural makeathon and gathers mediators, tinkerers, designers, developers, artists and scientists to create, invent, prototype and test innovative museum installations with new technologies.


The Festival of Curiosity is Dublin’s annual festival of science and culture, and transforms the city into a play space of experiment, exploration, debate and interaction.
Hosted by Don Undeen, Senior Manager MediaLab at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and Ellen Byrne of Festival of Curiosity, and featuring Ian Brunswick (Science Gallery Dublin), Mark Nagurski (Culture Tech in Northern Ireland), Jasper Visser (Inspired by Coffee in the Netherlands), Deborah Hustic (Radiona Hackerspace in Croatia), Laura Tobin (Dublin Maker) and Juliette Giraud (Museomix in France).


Watch the video of the event


Organised by The #CreativeMuseum EU Project and the Chester Beatty Library, in association with Science Gallery Dublin.