Museomix is an association with 5 board members and 1 coordinator. It gathers about 500 community
members of local Museumix co-corganisors.

Museomix is inspired by the open, participative and networked practices that have emerged from the web. It is an event-driven community of museum innovators that harnesses their collective energies over three days, and enables them to change participating museums from within.


Museomix was founded in 2011 by 5 very different persons and entities working in the culture and innovation sectors: the agencies Nod-a and Buzzeum, the research laboratory Erasme, Samuel Bausson and Julien Dorra. It is now driven by an active community of art and history enthusiasts, museum staff, innovators, designers, coders, community organizers, makers and tinkerers and grows each year, including The French Ministry of Cultural Affairs which recently became a member.


Museomix poses a number of questions when initiating projects:

  • How can you make your museum an open and co-creative place?
  • How can you open your museum to enthusiastic teams of designers, hackers, makers, artists,
    specialists, creators of all sorts, other museum and free spirited people?
  • How can you invite them to co-create, in a timely fashion, and a conducive environment, new and
    inventive ways of visiting/using your museum?
  • How can you help visitors become users? How can you make your museum open, networked, and

Museomix is an experiment to assist museums and their programmes.


Contact person: Juliette GIRAUD