Museene i Sør Trøndelag (MiST)


Museene i Sør Trøndelag (MiST) was established in 2008 and comprises of a network of 9 museums and 150 staff, based in Southern Trøndelag. It specialises in museum management and development, education, communication with a specific focus on making cultural heritage accessible for all. The museum works with collection development and management on a regular basis, often in dialogue with groups and individuals outside the museum. MiST works with coastal and maritime history, industrial history, music, art and decorative arts. The organisation aims to strengthen local commitment to the arts, cultural history and cultural heritage and enrich society with knowledge, understanding and experience. MiST aims to represent high quality and strong academic ties with national and international colleagues. MiST is a member of ICOM Norway and Norwegian Museums Association.


Nine of the museums are: 

  • The Coastal Heritage Museum
  • The Coastal Museum in Middle Norway
  • The National Museum of Decorative Arts
  • Orkla Industrial Museum: located in the heart of a historical mining community, the museum
    explores aspects including mining, engineering, rail, transport and minerals
  • Ringve Museum: national music museum from the 18th to the 21st centuries
  • Rockheim: national museum for popular music
    Contact person: Ann Siri Hegseth GARBERG