La science: une histoire d’humour

TRACES / Espace des Sciences Pierre-Gilles de Gennes / ESPCI Paristech – PSL University, France

La science: une histoire d’humour was a 100% crowdsourcedexhibition about science and humour. The entire content of theexhibition was provided by the users/visitors. The exhibition opened as anempty space without content or objects. At first, researchers were askedto bring jokes and drawings hanging on the doors of their labs, and sharethem with the public. This was then shared with the wider general public ,and all the events were advertised with a “Come with your joke!” claim. Theexhibition continued to grow until the final day, when the public were askedto take home the jokes and leave the exhibition empty again. The project wasdeveloped within the science-culture centre (ESPGG) of a leading researchuniversity, ESPCI, and addressed a mix of lay public and professionally drivencommunities.