Exhibition: T-Rex

Cap Sciences – France


In 2014, Cap Sciences curated an exhibition on T. Rex
dinosaurs. This subject is very popular at capturing the public’s imagination; there are films, cartoons, books, video games and a multitude of toys and children’s products all relating to dinosaurs and the T. Rex in particular. The aim of this project was to involve the audience in the making of the exhibition, setting up a participatory process in which the visitors could contribute to the displayed works. It was therefore decided to make the first room of the exhibition a display of pictures drawn by children, as well as toys, books and other representations of the T. Rex. This part of the exhibition was created with content generated by or donated by the people of Bordeaux. Once the exhibition was open, visitors were invited to draw a T. Rex picture, scan it and send it to Cap Sciences. They could do it at home or during a visit to the exhibition. The visitors who got involved felt the exhibition as theirs, and developed a special relationship with Cap Sciences.