Chester Beatty Library

Chester Beatty Library in partnership with Chocolate Factory, TOG – Dublin Hackerspace, Festival of Curiosity and Dublin Castle, on 5-18 December 2016

Chester Beatty Library


Krisjanis Rijnieks, from the Finnish Museum (Helsinki, Finland)


Krisjanis Rijnieks is an artist and maker working with creative coding and digital fabrication. His residence in the Chester Beatty Library had two parts one of which as to test and experiment a projection mapping installation that worked as an invitation to the permanent exhibition of the museum. The other part of the project was running a projection mapping workshop for two different age groups. This work was considered by Jenny Siung (Head of Education, Chester Beatty Library) as one of the finest she have seen in a long time and this was a first for an Irish museum to co-create an installation based on a collection. He created an incredible piece of work using both is digital technology skills and understanding of the museum and its collection.

Objectives of the residence

To create a sound art object and present maker’s own work in a way he likes it with no pressure from the host.

  1. To be trained as a member of the Finnish Museum in the Scottish field.
  2. To exchange practices and train teenagers and adults during workshops about “projection Mapping with the Raspberry Pi“.
  3. To exchange practices and train teenagers and adults during workshops about “projection Mapping with the Raspberry Pi“

1 a tiny and affordable computer that you can use to learn programming through fun, practical projects


  • Meeting Chester Library team, partners of the museum and local (Festival of Curiosity, Chocolate Factory, Dublin Castle, TOG Dublin Hackerspace, City of Dublin Youth Service Board, Teen Lab Coordinator; Bridge 21 staff..)
  • Holding several Projection Mapping with the Raspberry Pi workshops for teens, adults and local hacker community
  • Testing, creating and experimenting a projection mapping installation at Chester Beatty Library building.

Krisjanis’ Speech

“Solutions from past projects. And a pinch of creativity in terms of variation. Always trying out something that you have never done before.”
“Most of the day I spent at the Chester Beatty reading room, it is the perfect room for coding culture and art projects.”

“Test first, think through, solve problems before they arise.”

“Tomorrow is going to be a creative day as I will spend it on building a simple generative visual solution for the final projection mapping event.”
“The last three days were full of learnings regarding the workshops. These learnings will help me a great deal to build better ones in the future.”
“After I showed the basics of my projection mapping software, it seemed that for some of them the world around them disappeared. That made me very happy”.

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