Cap Sciences

FabLab 127°, Cap Sciences and a former military barracks that is now a dedicated cultural space (Darwin) on 10-23 October 2016

FabLab 127°, Cap Sciences


Kate Delaney from the Chester Beatty Library (Dublin, Ireland)


For this residency, maker Kate Delaney tested, experimented and worked with young people to design and prototype their very own interactive creations that will demonstrate a key scientific principle in an unusual way using technology and art. 127ª Fab Lab provided training to Kate in laser cutting, 3D printing and vinyl cutting to develop the potential of the project and support research into future projects of the maker this kind. 

Objectives of the residence

To create a sound art object and present maker’s own work in a way he likes it with no pressure from the host.

  1. To upskill in laser cutting, cnc routing and 3D printing using the machines at CAP Sciences through the peer mentorship of staff there as well as local makers (Mylène L’Orguilloux)
  2. to observe how a satellite project of CAP Sciences can work in a school environment and inform ourselves about best practice approaches for educational outreach using STEAM methodologies
  3. to get an insight into the interests of local young people that we can apply in the development of this cross cultural, multi-sensory modular project


  • Development, delivery and evaluation of workshops for a) parents and children b) school students and c) institute staff on themes related to exhibition content at the host institution incorporating art, science and technology drawing on ‘Maker Culture’
  • Peer mentoring and skills exchange between Makers in Residence and Local Makers including hands on maker activities with technology
  • Presentations/Talks about maker processes and educational objectives as well as interview for video documentation
  • Creation of educational resource to support the informal learning model/facilities tour at the host institution
  • Exhibition of work in progress and creative outcomes
  • Experience of event and training programming in a Fab Lab
  • Networking with other makers and potential collaborators

Kate’s Speech

“I learned how to make corrections to measurements to alter the design and ensure the accuracy of a laser cut object. I learned some french vocabulary related to computer use.”

“I learned about Maker Culture and what to expect at the Open Lab the following evening.”

“I met another maker who participated in the Creative Science Maker in Residency programme and learned about her work with fabrics.”

“I introduced them to basic electronics using motors. The outcome was a fantastic set of ‘scribble bots’ created by teams of participating staff.”

“I learned that young people can enjoy being challenged with technology that at first seem daunting.”

“I also had the opportunity to observe how the museum functions on a weekend and the format of tours by facilitation staff at the Fab Lab.”

“I am developing my understanding of different materials and how to make adjustments to the laser cutter settings so that I my desired outcome is achieved.”

“I learned that it is important to talk about successes and failures and to learn about each other through the work that we do.”

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