Permission Free

Museum Hack

Metropolitan Museum of Art (and others) USA Museum Hack crafts museum experiences for people who do not like museums by breaking down and remixing the facets of museum culture that fail to engage those visitors. By challenging the way institutions approach interactivity, engagement, tours, and events, Museum Hack aims to show museums how more

Born into Art

Palazzo Madama, Italy At the time of discharge from hospital after birth, everychild receives a health kit and the Cultural Passport. The Culture Passportprovides free access to the museum throughout the first year of the child’slife. It also contains information and guidance to facilitate families visitingthe museum with children.Families are more

Rijksstudio Award

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Netherlands The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam reopened in 2013 aftera long renovation process of their main building. Before the reopening theylaunched an ambitious and innovative new website, which included theRijksstudio: an online collection that allows everybody to use and remixthe collection of the Rijksmuseum and curate their own collections. more

SMV / un Soir un Musée un Verre (an evening, a museum, a glass)

Various, France Every week, a meeting is organised in the evening, tosatisfy curiosity for culture, art and history, together with a drink or adinner. The aim of the meeting is to gather amateurs and curious people in adifferent cultural place, and have a drink together. An evening, a museum, aglass more