National Museum of Deaf History and Culture (Norsk Døvemuseum) /
Museums of South-Trøndelag (MiST), Norway


ARK4 is a cooperation project between four Trondheim institutions in Norway: NTNU University Library; NTNU Computer and Information Technology (IDI); The Regional State Archives in Trondheim and Norsk Døvemuseum (National Museum of Deaf History and Culture) / MiST, while Digital Curation Unit R.C. “Athena”, Institute for the Management of Information Systems, Athens, Greece is an international partner.

ARK4 seeks to create a virtual dialogue between the public and institutions that hold information. By exploring the use of innovative technology, it aims to disseminate knowledge from the past to a wider, younger audience. ARK4 intends to apply user-centric methods and collect fresh narratives, which it will then share with libraries, schools, archives, community organizations, both locally and nationally