Ecomuseums, collections, archives and farmsteads of the Lodi district
(Lodi), Italy

AgriCulture is a network project, which created a multimedia disseminated (dispersed?) ecomuseum, linking seven etnoanthropological museums and collections. It built a thematic narrative and interactive displays
in the different sites and created an experiential as well as educational itinerary in the territory.

A series of interactive stations and portable devices distributed in the various museums generate multimedia paths and multi-sensory experiences. Stunning enlargements on the most iconic objects of the various collections, hidden or invisible content to the naked eye, short films on ancient crafts and tools of the past, animations on the history and identity of the area, interviews with the people who gave life to the different realities, documentaries, reproductions of materials coming from private archives, soundscapes which characterise the activities of those places are in dialogue with each other, creating new points of view on the collections and the environments.
All multimedia contents were translated into more languages.

Starting from the bike paths, to the natural paths and the existing waterways, some routes have been identified and developed to move on the territory and reach the museums.

With AgriCulture, the collections of seven small museums give life to a large new dispersed museum with a contemporary character